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MyNewJob starts on the premise that the in this field of HR, we work “with people for people” what focus us on every detail. Working with us will be a very good choice.

We consider that in a word of permanent change and with the technology advancement in transportation, communications, mass-media and more we fell that the temporary or permanent migration of personnel is a reality which must be embraced, accepted and develop.

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  • Full sourcing and recruitment process
  • Assistance to obtain work permits
  • 24/7 client support
  • Selection, interviewing and testing the candidates
  • Thorough checking of professional track record
  • Organization in the country of origin of specific training and development courses required
  • Based on the above, we assemble for you a complete professional file for each candidate
  • We support you on an ongoing basis to obtain all documentation required and assist you in getting the workers contracts signed in a timely fashion
  • Assistance to obtain work permits where required
  • Logistical support for the workers to have a seamless start: plane, train tickets, local transport, etc
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  • Payroll management
  • 24/7 client support
  • Ongoing communication
  • We are also available 24/7 for our workers
  • Personal & family support
  • Ongoing communication and support of temporary workers via our internal HR team
  • Personal and family support of workers
  • Regular request for feedback from clients regarding quality of work and performance of leased workers
  • Motivational support for our workers
  • Management of all HR processes through our internal HR department
  • If necessary, we offer free replacement of our personnel. Substitutions are done fast and efficiently, with minimal disruption to the ongoing project
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  • Fiscal advice for expatriate employees: taxation of employment income from Romania or from abroad, taxation of self-employment income, social security contributions.
  • Assistance in obtaining the European forms
  • Assistance in obtaining the right to work in Romania (work authorization, work permit or residence permit)
  • Assistance for non-Romania residents
  • Assistance in obtaining the fiscal residence certificate.
  • Assistance in obtaining the right visa for Australia.
  • Assistance in obtaining the right visa for New Zeeland.
  • Assistance in obtaining the right visa for Canada.
  • Full sourcing and recruitment process
  • Paperwork and fulfillment of all legal requirements
  • Logistics for accommodation and transport
  • Tools and equipment
  • 24/7 client support
  • We select, interview and test candidates
  • We verify every single professional track record
  • Medical exam and insurance
  • Organizing required training in home country
  • We manage all legal and administrative aspects of hiring, deployment, and ongoing support for workers we provide you with all aspects of logistics, including transportation from the country of origin and back, accommodation, meals and local transport
  • We provide safety equipment and all necessary tools
  • Obtaining the A1 European Form that allows us to pay wages in the workers’ original country
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  • Pipeline of back-up personnel
  • Fast and smooth transition to new personnel
  • No loss of productivity for you
  • If necessary and previously agreed, MyNewJob offers the possibility of replacing temporary workers at no additional cost to you
  • We always have a pipeline of personnel “sitting on packed bags” to intervene as and when the situation requires it
  • We thus ensure a quick and smooth transition, with minimal time lost and no disruption on your end
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  • Recruitment of homogeneous teams
  • Recruitment companies (for subcontracting, construction of industrial works, construction and infrastructure, etc.)
  • Finding solutions for companies in situations that require compact solutions.
  • Organization in the country of origin for training and development courses required
  • Permanent assistance and monitoring.
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